I began treatment with Dr. Allen, reluctantly, about 4 months ago. I had been in a car accident about two months earlier. The pain in my neck (from a car accident two years earlier) had returned to the point that I was taking prescription pain medication daily just to get through the workday. On weekends and week-evenings at home, I wore a soft collar (which I had gotten several years ago after having a C5-C6 fusions) just to get some relief from having to “hold my head” on my shoulders. My lower back pain was also becoming more severe (this pain also began after having the prior car accident two years earlier).

Now, after about 15 visits, some visits resulting in an adjustment and some not, my neck pain has decreased 75%. The spinal adjustments are not difficult to accept and most of the time, I feel only a slight push. I had tried traditional chiropractic care twice in the past and was always so afraid for my neck to be “popped” that I was a difficult patient to treat because I could not relax suffiently. I am not afraid of the adjustments done at Estill County Chiropractic.

Although we are only beginning to work on my lower back pain, I am hopeful that I will get the same results on that pain. As one who has been through physical therapy, other chiropractic care, caudal spinal pain injections, and numerous oral pain medications, I can say with 100% assurance that had I not recieived the care from Estill County Chiropractic and Dr. Allen, I would not be in the reduced pain state that I am in now.

— Brenda, age 45